Wisdom Tooth Removal in Hinjewadi

 Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost Hinjewadi

Wisdom tooth removal in Hinjewadi is a high success. During this procedure, our dental surgeon will remove the third set of molars also referred to as the wisdom teeth. These teeth erupt from the age of 17 to 25. This procedure is also referred to as wisdom tooth extraction.

Generally, the recovery time duration will take six weeks but you can go for the normal activity after a day or two after the wisdom tooth removal procedure at Smile Journey.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Many people have one wisdom tooth in general. This means the tooth does not have enough space to grow naturally. We will remove your wisdom tooth primarily due to the following reasons:

  • ● Imperfection
  • ● Can create problems

Wisdom teeth should not harm the adjacent bones and teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal at Smile Journey

Wisdom tooth removal at Smile Journey is an outpatient procedure accomplished by our oral surgeon.

Our dental surgeon will cut the gums for the teeth removal. The dental surgeon at Hinjewadi will remove the tooth as a whole or in parts.

During the procedure, you will be under a state of anesthesia and for this, we will provide laughing gas or IV sedation. Our dental surgeon will decide on the sedation depending on the complexity and the number of teeth to be extracted.

We at Smile and Shine, Hinjewadi will perform wisdom tooth surgery if there is an impact on the wisdom teeth that could lead to future dental issues. Some of the problems because of the wisdom tooth are:

  • ● Tooth infection
  • ● Decay of the tooth
  • ● Damage to the adjacent teeth
  • ● Periodontal disease
  • ● Loss of the bone
  • ● Loss of the teeth

What Complications Involved?

As per the dental data available, it is easy to perform wisdom tooth removal surgery on individuals of a lesser age. But with age, the risk of complications increases because of the lesser elasticity as well as the complexity of the bone.


Our dentist will monitor your wisdom teeth development during your appointments with the help of dental X-rays. We at Smile Journey clinic will suggest WTR even if present symptoms do not persist. By doing this, we will hamper the problems that may come ahead.

Wisdom tooth procedure at Hinjewadi

With us, the wisdom tooth removal procedure can take the duration between 45 minutes to one hour. With the anesthesia, you should not feel discomfort or pain. The step is:

  • ● Sedation
  • ● Numbing
  • ● Removal of tissue
  • ● Removal of bone
  • ● Teeth loosening and sectioning
  • ● Tooth extraction
  • ● stitches

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost in Hinjewadi

The wisdom tooth removal cost in Hinjewadi will depend on the complexity of the mouth. Our dental specialist will decide the cost during the first appointment.