Invisible Braces treatment in Hinjewadi

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, you may feel that it could create an embarrassing issue. But you do not have to worry now. Invisible braces treatment in Hinjewadi is available for you through our cosmetic dental specialist.

Solution is available

If you want the perfect solution for the orthodontic problem mentioned above, braces are the right choice for you.

Invisalign will provide a solution for teens as well as adults when it comes to the straightening of their teeth. This is a clear set of aligners with the main constituent as hard plastic. Our dental specialist will fit these in your mouth.

We will check and replace Invisalign at the Smile Journey clinic during the first few months as these start working for the alignment of your teeth in proper positioning.


Invisalign is the list of clear aligners and an obvious preferred choice for adults as well as teens primarily because of its clarity and invisibility to a major extent. At Smile Journey clinic in Hinjewadi, our orthodontist will speak to you about the pros and cons of this invisible aligner before it becomes your preferable choice.

Advantages of the invisible braces

  • ● Comfort level

Our orthodontist will suggest you wear an Invisalign because of its comfort level. Clear aligners like Invisalign do not carry brackets and wires. So you need not worry about nicks or cuts. Because of the smoothness, you will not feel irritation in the mouth. Invisible aligners like these resemble a mouth guard and do not carry any sharp edges.

  • ● Attractive
  • ● Ease of usage
  • ● Ease when it comes to the removal
  • ● Maintenance to the minimum

Invisalign clear aligners need minimum maintenance. You can scrub them in case of stains. These can get dingy with time and you have the option of scrubbing with the help of a toothbrush.

Our orthodontist will speak to you about the cons before treatment of the clean aligner in Hinjewadi. Some of these are below:

  • ● Expensive
  • ● Attachments-enamel edges that stick to the teeth.
  • ● You need to wear these for 22 hours in a single day.
  • ● There can be discomfort initially.
  • ● Inconvenience-you have to always remove these at the time of eating.

Cost factor

After you fix an appointment for the invisible braces treatment in Hinjewadi, we will decide the cost based on your oral situation and the type of clear aligner that is finalised.