Crown and bridges treatment in Hinjewadi

You may consider having a dental crown or a permanent bridge designed for you. You can come to us for the crowns and bridge treatment in Hinjewadi. For this procedure, we need your understanding as well as cooperation. This is to get the top aesthetic as well as functional results. At Smile Journey you will get the best treatment from our dental surgeon.

The social concern

If you lose your teeth, it could not just be a social concern but also a psychological issue. Some of the reasons for the loss of teeth are:

  • ● Decay of the teeth
  • ● The periodontal ailment also called the gum disease
  • ● Trauma because of the accident or injury

Impact and Resolution at Smile Journey

Before you undergo crowns and bridge treatment in Hinjewadi, you need to know the vital fact that in case you lose your permanent tooth, there will be an impact on the adjacent teeth. The reason is the alternation in the support as well as the chewing forces. Because of this, the remaining teeth will tend to shift.

Why crowns and bridge treatment in Hinjewadi?

  • ● The tooth located at the top or below the one that is lost will shift up and out of the socket.
  • ● Because of the shift, there will be a significant acceleration in periodontal gum disease which will result in the additional breakdown in the dental arch.
  • ● If our dental surgeon will not replace your missing tooth, you will lose more teeth eventually. This is because of the exertion of improper forces at the time of chewing.

Dental crown and bridge treatment

With the dental crown and bridge treatment in Hinjewadi, we will replace your missing teeth. If there is no extra structure of the tooth left for the filling, our dental specialist will place the tooth crown and this will be placed on the individual tooth.

The tooth bridge will span the space where there is a loss of one or more teeth in the dental arch. Our dental specialist at Smile Journey will crown the teeth located on either end of the span and these are also referred to as abutments.

False teeth located in the bridge joining the abutments are called pontics.

Metals used for the treatment

  • ● gold
  • ● semi-precious metals
  • ● porcelain
  • ● metal fused with porcelain

Treatment and Smile Journey

Our dental surgeon will conduct the procedure in the following steps:

  • ● X-rays
  • ● Anaesthesia
  • ● preparation phase
  • ● impression
  • ● temporary coverage till the next appointment
  • ● adjustment of crown and bridge for proper fit
  • ● permanent placement

At times, it will become mandatory to trim as well as polish the new crown or bridge.

Cost At Hinjewadi Clinic

Our oral surgeon at Smile Journey will decide the cost after diagnosis.