Dental Implant Treatment in Hinjewadi

Dental implants are categorized as artificial structures and our dental surgeon at Smile Journey will insert these into the jaw bone. If you have lost one or more teeth, you can consult our dental specialist for dental implants at Hinjewadi.

Dental implant-what is it?

A dental implant replaces the missing tooth. Our dental surgeon at Hinjewadi clinic will implant these screw-like devices into the jawbone. The screw-like device will act as an anchor for the fake tooth also called the crown. There is a device called an abutment that links the artificial tooth with the dental implant.


When our dental surgeon at Smile Journey performs the dental implant treatment on you, the crown plays an important role. The crown is custom-made so that it can fit in the mouth. Apart from that, it matches the teeth' color. Although crowns are artificial, they function as natural teeth.

Dental implants have benefits over dentures. Dentures are artificial teeth that can be removed. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • ● These look natural as well as comfortable.
  • ● The success rate in implants is higher.
  • ● Enhance chewing functionality.
  • ● Lesser risk of cavity development in the adjacent teeth.
  • ● Better bone maintenance at the positioning of the lost teeth.
  • ● Lesser sensitivity in the adjacent teeth
  • ● You do not have to take these out like dentures.

Prior diagnosis

Our dental specialist will make a prior diagnosis at the time of the appointment and analyze the condition of your mouth. The truth is dental implants are not suitable for all. The implant device needs to make a fusion with the jawbone and for this bone needs to be healthy. Only then, our dental implant specialist will suggest dental implants at Smile Journey clinic, Hinjewadi.

We offer the procedures for two types of dental implants:

Endosteal implants: The dental surgeon will embed the endosteal implants in the jawbone.

Subperiosteal implant: Our dental surgeon at Hinjewadi clinic will fix the subperiosteal implant at the upper portion of the jawbone.

Safety at Smile Journey clinic

Smile journey clinic will provide you with the best treatment and top safety for the dental implant procedure. The credit goes to our experienced dental surgeons who possess vast experience in this area of dentistry.

The dental implant as a restoration option has the following benefits:

  • ● Health maintenance of the individual’s jawbone
  • ● Growth stimulation of the jawbone

Some of the potential complications are:

  • ● Damage to the nerve could leave an altered sensation in the surgical area
  • ● Incision opening after the accomplishment of the procedure
  • ● Implant movement
  • ● Implant exposure at the top of the gum line
  • ● Implant infection

For dental implant treatment in Hinjewadi, you can speak to our dental implant specialist to fix the initial appointment.