Kids dental treatment in Hinjewadi

Kids' dental treatment in Hinjewadi provides complete relief to your child for any ailment related to the teeth, mouth, or jaw. You may want a happy smile from your child and there is no price for it. You can consult our pediatric dental specialist at Smile and Shine clinic along with your kid.

We assure child dental care

At our dental clinic in Hinjewadi, we assure you of pediatric dental care for your kid. We provide friendly and high-quality care so that the present dental needs of your kid are fulfilled. With proper dental care at our clinic, your kid will have healthy dental and overall health shortly.

For kid's dental treatment in Hinjewadi, we offer you the following:

Preventive care

You can have a check-up of your child with our adept pediatric dentist in six months and we will provide you with complete guidance. It is time for the professional teeth cleaning of your child.

With us, your child will have the option to learn or review the skills related to dental hygiene. When your child joins Smile Journey, the dental specialist will have an eye on the dental health of your child from the date of joining. When the child's dental problems are treated on time, the treatment itself becomes affordable and prevents future complications.

Fluoride treatment

At Smile Journey, our pediatric dentist will provide fluoride treatment to your child. This will make the teeth of the child strong. With the help of the fluoride treatment, cavity formation will not take place in the teeth of your child and secondly, such type of treatment will prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque.


Our child oral dentist for kids' dental treatment in Hinjewadi will perform the procedure of filling if there is damage to the tooth of your child because of decay or injury. The dental filling has the benefits:

  • ● Restores stability
  • ● Restores functionality


Sealants are thin layers bonded to the surfaces of the teeth and are made of a material that is resin based. These provide a protection cover from decay to the areas that are hard to clean.

As per the data available, sealants curtail the risk factor of cavity formation by eighty percent.

Our pediatric dental specialist at Hinjewadi will also provide other dental treatments for kids at Smile Journey. Some of these are:

  • ● Bonding
  • ● Extractions
  • ● Crowns
  • ● Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies could terrify your child. If there is a delay, it will result in tooth loss for your child. Our staff at Smile Journey will instruct based on the situation.


The cost of the kids dental treatment in Hinjewadi will depend on the type of treatment and extent of complication.