Root Canal Treatment in Hinjewadi

Root canal treatment is on the prime list of dental procedures for replacing the infected or damaged pulp of the tooth with the root filling. Root canal treatment in Hinjewadi by our expert dental surgeons has a high rate of success.

One of the principal outcomes of root canal treatment is a functional tooth after the accomplishment of the procedure.

Our dental expert at Hinjewadi will advise you to take oral precautions after the procedure is accomplished. By this, the good operational lifespan of the tooth will extend. You should also pay a visit to our dental surgeon at Smile Journey within a period between six to twelve months.

Root Canal Treatment in Hinjewadi


You need to understand the fact that the pulp is the lifeline of the tooth and it comprises vessels, tissue fibers as well as nerves located in the tooth’s central hollow to keep it operational. With the endodontic treatment at Hinjewadi, our dental surgeon will replace the infected or damaged pulp.

Signs of the pulp damage

Our dental surgeon at Hinjewadi clinic will examine you to see if you have a diseased tooth pulp. If you have a diseased tooth pulp, it may lead to infection or inflammation. Some of the signs of damaged or diseased tooth pulp are as under:

  • ● Instant pain
  • ● Sensitivity
  • ● Ache at the time of chewing or biting
  • ● Tooth loosening
  • ● Gum swelling near the tooth having an infection
  • ● Secretion of the pus
  • ● Swelling of the face

Root canal treatment cost in Hinjewadi will be decided after diagnosis that will depict the tooth complexity. Our oral surgeon at Smile Journey will do the RCT in easy steps:

  • ● Eradication of the infection and any active decay
  • ● Shaping of the canals
  • ● Filling of the canals
  • ● Restoring the tooth functionality again

Re root canal treatment Hinjewadi

During the re root canal treatment in Hinjewadi, the tooth having the impact will be opened once again to gain access for the filling of the root canal. This complex process includes:

  • ● Disassembling the crowns, posts, and other materials for restoration
  • ● Removal of the filling material from the first procedure
  • ● Thorough cleaning of the canals
  • ● A full examination by magnification and illumination

Re root canal treatment Cost in Hinjewadi

Re root canal treatment cost in Hinjewadi will depend on the complexity of the tooth issue and the final cost confirmation can only be provided after full diagnosis.