Braces Treatment in Hinjewadi

Braces Treatment in Hinjewadi

Braces treatment in Hinjewadi rectifies multiple problems related to your teeth and some of these are:

  • ● Crowding
  • ● Crooked teeth
  • ● Teeth not in the perfect alignment

We not only provide braces treatment at Smile Journey not just to teenagers but also to adults. With the time duration, the braces will straighten as well as align your teeth for a normal bite. Braces are a good option for smile adjustment.

Braces treatment in Hinjewadi will solve the following dental conditions:

  • ● Crooked teeth
  • ● Underbite
  • ● Overbite

Custom-made braces and retainers cover the outside portion of your teeth and keep them in the proper position.

We will treat you

For the braces treatment, the general dentists associated with us at Hinjewadi clinic will perform the basic alignment and deal with other tooth issues. But our orthodontists will rectify the issues related to your teeth. We have specialists with advanced orthodontics education and some of the specializations are

  • ● Straightening of the teeth
  • ● Rectifying misaligned bites
  • ● Jaw problems

Clinical examination

For braces treatment, we will do your clinical examination through our orthodontist. This will be followed by:

  • ● Digital scan of the teeth
  • ● Photographs of the teeth and face
  • ● X-rays of the mouth and head

Some of the braces that we offer at our clinic are:

  • ● Metal/traditional braces

In the case of metal braces, you have the brackets attached to the front portion of the teeth. The flexible wires or the archwires hold the bands or brackets together. Certain braces comprise metal ties or rubber bands for linking the brackets to the wire.

Other braces include:

  • ● Ceramic braces
  • ● Lingual braces
  • ● Clear Aligners

Braces impact the teeth within a specific time duration. The teeth will move in a particular direction and the bone underneath will also change shape.

Braces -time duration

The time duration for wearing the braces varies from one individual to another and it also depends on the factors:

  • ● The complexity of the problem
  • ● Amount of space in the mouth
  • ● Distance your teeth need to travel
  • ● The health of gums, teeth as well as the supporting bone
  • ● Your obedience to the instructions provided for braces treatment in Hinjewadi.


After the braces treatment in Hinjewadi or at the time of adjustment, you may have some discomfort but it will go away within some time as you become used to it.

Braces Treatment Cost in Hinjewadi

The cost of braces treatment in Hinjewadi will depend on multiple factors and these include mouth complexity as well as the type of braces that are finalized by the orthodontist.

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