Micro Endodontics

Micro endodontics, a recent breakthrough in the field of endodontics has become an exceptional modality of treatment to enhance the standard of endodontic care. This latest innovation has improved the clinician’s operating field by better visualization and magnification of three dimensional tooth structures. Micro endodonticsalso knownas minimally invasive endodontics leads to least amount of changes in the tooth structure by providing better vision of the operating field. Using a microscope will limit the human errors by mastering all the minute structures in a root canal system thereby preserving the strength and function of an endodontically treated tooth.

Smile Journey Dental clinic is equipped with all the latest technology including microscope loupes, surgical microscopesto deliver exceptional endodontic results. Our team of endodontists is always dedicated to practise the latest treatment modalities to provide finest endodontic care.

How is micro endodontics beneficial?

Microscopic Endodontics help inimproving the clinician’s visual field in detecting the minute fractures or cracks in a tooth. It also helps in diagnosis and evaluation of the treatment outcome even before the actual procedure is initiated. Micro endodontics helps in clear visualization of the tooth anomalies like narrow canals, curvatures in a canal, unusually positioned canals and identification of accessory canals that are undetectable to the tactile sensation using conventional endodontic files. It is handy in retreatment cases to detect missing canals and poorly obturated canals. Further, it succors in removal of unwanted materialslike separated instruments, guttapercha points that are imperceptible in traditional approach. It further helps in the assessment of the treatment at each step throughout the procedure and anyperforations in a tooth can be precisely repaired by its use.