Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Hinjewadi

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Hinjewadi

Some years back the RCT involved multiple sittings and the entire procedure was becoming cumbersome for the patients. But now, single-sitting root canal treatment in Hinjewadi has a high success rate and takes place in just one visit at Smile Journey.

The Advancement

The good news is that traditional root canal methods have reached a state of advancement. The credit goes to breakthroughs in the field of technology.

The Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

At our dental clinic in Hinjewadi, we will provide you with a single-sitting RCT in just one session. We will do this for serious infections with no pus collection from the teeth. One of the important roles X-ray plays is regarding pus detection. Our surgeon specialists will set you pain-free because of their experience and capability in surgical dentistry.

Single Sitting RCT Procedure at Smile Journey

Two main factors that count at our dental clinic when it comes to the single-sitting RCT procedure are effectiveness as well as precision. Our oral surgeon will make use of the irrigants for the cleaning as well as the preparation of the canals in a proper manner. This will be followed by the sealing of the canals securely. All these precise methodologies will result in fast healing.

The process will involve the following steps:

  • ● Our oral surgeon at Smile Journey clinic will do the mechanical removal of the afflicted pulp and also dentin.
  • ● The canals will be flushed as well as disinfected by making use of the irrigants like Hydrogen peroxide, EDTA, or other chemicals.
  • ● Shaping and expansion of the canals are accomplished with the help of the rotary files. This is for comfortably accommodating the fillings.
  • ● The clean and dry canals are filled and kept safe by the material called Gutta Percha.

Advantages of Single Sitting RCT

  • ● You will be free from discomfort in one session.
  • ● The procedure is painless.
  • ● Because of the no application of the rubber dam, you will not carry the risk of gingival trauma.
  • ● You do not have to go for additional anesthesia in case of the single-sitting RCT.
  • ● You do not have to worry about contamination or leakage. This risk factor occurs because of multiple appointments primarily due to temporary restorations in between.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Hinjewadi

Single Sitting RCT cost in Hinjewadi will be decided after the tooth analysis by our dental specialist.