Digital Smile Designing in Hinjewadi

Digital smile designing also called DSD is a procedure related to cosmetic dentistry with the prime focus to correct the imperfections related to the teeth. The chief goal of this procedure by our expert dental specialist is to restore both the dental health as well as the appearance of the individual. Digital smile designing in Hinjewadi is a big success.

DSD at Smile Journey

DSD or digital smile designing is transforming dental practice globally. This procedure is a distinct approach when it comes to modern dentistry and our cosmetic dental specialist at Smile Journey Hinjewadi will perform the procedure with precision.

At our dental clinic, our cosmetic dental specialist makes use of the DSD software with a prime focus on special photographs as well as software analysis. With the DSD tool, we will have easy communication with:

  • ● Smile designers
  • ● Dental lab technician
  • ● Patients

DSD–the multidisciplinary approach

Our cosmetic dental surgeon at Hinjewadi will follow a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to the DSD[ digital smile designing]. We do not use this technique of dentistry just for prosthetic rehabilitation but it reaches other branches of dentistry as well like orthodontics, periodontics, and more.

Cosmetic dentistry-high potential

Cosmetic dentistry can not just change but also enhance looks or appearance and our cosmetic dental surgeon does this with precision. At Hinjewadi clinic, we perform the smile-designing procedure as part of cosmetic dentistry with the chief focus on the restoration of teeth disturbances. This procedure restores:

  • ● Dental problems
  • ● Aesthetics
  • ● Boosts confidence
  • ● Boosts self-esteem

Digital smile designing at Hinjewadi deals with the smile aesthetics components:

  • ● Facial aesthetics
  • ● Gingival aesthetics
  • ● Macro aesthetics
  • ● Micro aesthetics

After consultation, our cosmetic dental surgeon will focus on the cosmetic aesthetics components keeping in mind the multiple parameters of analysis.

DSD Procedure at Smile Journey, Hinjewadi

Know that there is a variation when it comes to the cosmetic aspects related to the different DSD software but we follow the core method that is the same. Our cosmetic dental specialist will draw reference lines as well as structures on the intraoral as well as extraoral images. We will create the front image of your face by making use of the reference lines related to facial analysis.

Horizontal guiding lines

Horizontal guiding lines play an important part in the DSD. These are inter-commissural lines as well as interpupillary lines offering a fine equilibrium on the horizontal parts of the face that is aesthetically attractive.

Vertical guiding lines

The vertical guiding lines are the nose, chin, dental midline, glabella as well as mandible.

Cost factor at Smile Journey clinic

Our cosmetic dental specialist will inspect your mouth before the DSD procedure and the rate will be decided after analyzing the complexity of the mouth structure.