Fixed teeth in a day in Hinjewadi

Fixed teeth in a day is a wonderful option available if you want the replacement of multiple teeth or even the complete upper or lower teeth set. Fixed teeth in a day in Hinjewadi is a new technique in dentistry.

Through this procedure, you will get the complete arch of prosthetic teeth in just a single appointment at our Smile Journey clinic. You can fix an appointment with our dental surgeon regarding this.

How did this procedure work?

In this procedure, our dental surgeon will make use of four to six dental implants rather than a single implant for one tooth. The best thing related to this procedure is that it is invasive to the minimum and you do not require extra surgical visits at Smile Journey for replacing the complete set of teeth.

Tired of denture

You may be tired of wearing the denture or the denture is an ill fit or loose fit, with the teeth in a day procedure, you will get freedom from the denture and our dental surgeon will provide you with permanent teeth that look natural.

Teeth in a day at Smile Journey

For the teeth-in-a-day procedure at Hinjewadi, the teeth replacement is done by our dental specialist in one day and we will replace the complete upper or lower teeth set.

In this procedure, we create a permanent prosthesis by making use of four to six dental implants, and these act as the anchor for the bridge or overdenture for twelve to fourteen teeth.

Prime benefits

  • ● The procedure has the potential to replace both damaged as well as missing teeth.
  • ● This is a long-term alternative to dentures with the associated permanency factor.

Our dental surgeon at Smile Journey will perform this oral and maxillofacial surgery with precision.

Teeth in a day procedure are done in the following steps:

  • ● Our dental surgeon will take the full oral examination and also the dental radiographs.
  • ● We make use of computer-based stimulation programs for determining the impact feasibility as well as the position.
  • ● The fabrication of the exact positioning is calculated with the help of a three-dimensional surgical guide.
  • ● Removal of the failing teeth
  • ● The dental prosthesis is fixed to the implants.
  • ● After some time of healing, the final prosthesis is put on the implants.

Cost factor

The cost for fixed teeth in a day in Hinjewadi will be decided after the appointment with our dental surgeon. The cost may vary based on the complexity of the teeth.