Teeth Whitening in Hinjewadi, Pune

Teeth Whitening in Hinjewadi

At Smile Journey, we provide teeth whitening procedures as part of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Such a procedure is offered by our cosmetic dental specialist in a speedy, non-invasive, and affordable manner. The goal of the treatment is smile enhancement.

Whitening or bleaching

Teeth whitening in Hinjewadi has attracted many individuals who want to be satisfied with shiny white teeth. They want a beautiful smile because an attractive smile boosts confidence and changes life.

You can come for a one-hour whitening session at Hinjewadi once our cosmetic dental specialist will give a green signal for the process after assessing the teeth. You can also buy our recommended home-use bleaching kits if we feel that you do not have the necessity of the in-office teeth whitening session.

The advantage of the Hinjewadi clinic

You will see substantial improvement in the color of your teeth after your teeth whitening at Hinjewadi. But our cosmetic dental specialist will make it clear that you have to make the follow-up visit if you want the desired prolonged effect when it comes to teeth whitening.

Levels of teeth whitening

Know the fact that the process of teeth whitening is like keeping the fire burning. Although the cosmetic dental specialist at Smile Journey will do the best part for you based on his professional qualification, knowledge, and experience, the rest of the future maintenance of the teeth shine depends solely on your lifestyle.

Our cosmetic dental expert will bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. We bleach the teeth in case they have been subject to stains as well as discoloration beyond a certain level.

In-office teeth whitening

Through our in-office teeth whitening procedure, we will restore the color of the surface of your teeth through the removal of debris and dirt which will be the initial step of the treatment.


Extrinsic stains

Extrinsic stains will appear on the surface of your teeth with time if you consume tobacco items as well as dark-colored beverages. For the removal of such stains before the teeth whitening, we will do the prophylactic dental cleaning.

Intrinsic stains

We deal with the intrinsic stains before dealing with the teeth whitening procedure. Intrinsic stains are caused because of:

  • ● Trauma
  • ● Aging
  • ● Mineral exposure like exposure to tetracycline
  • ● Excessive fluoride intake

Options for teeth whitening in Hinjewadi are as follows:

  • ● In-office whitening
  • ● Take home kits
  • ● On-the-counter products

Results vary at Smile Journey

Results for teeth whitening in Hinjewadi will vary from individual to individual. Some will have an immediate effect but some may have to come for some extra visits.


The cost for teeth whitening at Hinjewadi clinic will depend on multiple factors like the extent of teeth stains as well as discoloration apart from the type of treatment provided to you.