Tooth-colored filling in Hinjewadi

Tooth-colored filling in Hinjewadi

The tooth-colored filling also called composite filling rectifies the tooth that has suffered damage because of poor oral care, accident, or damage.

Poor or careless oral care can lead to the erosion of the tooth enamel or the cavities or the aging of the tooth. The tooth-colored filling in Hinjewadi is an alternative solution to metal tooth fillings. This is a safe treatment that lasts long.

Treatment at Hinjewadi Clinic

Tooth-colored fillings also called composite fillings are in the category of standard tooth fillings. These are colored to resemble the natural tooth color. Therefore, such fillings are also referred to as white fillings or resin fillings.


The tooth-colored filling functions as the traditional filling for the amendment of cracks, decay, or fissures in the teeth that have suffered an impact.

Our dental specialist at Smile Journey will eradicate the portion of the decay or the impacted area of the tooth. After this, the dental expert will place the tooth-colored filling in the hollow space created after the cleansing of the decay. Cavity filling in Hinjewadi is an advantage for the patient.

Different materials

For the cavity filling in Smile Journey clinic, our oral specialist will use different materials for the tooth-colored fillings to defend your teeth from decay or damage.

You will get complete information about the material used during your first discussion with our oral expert. You will be provided with a treatment path with which you are happy and comfortable.

The advantage

Tooth-colored filling in Hinjewadi remains a popular choice for the restoration of teeth primarily because of its aesthetic advantage. The teeth are restored to their prior appearance because the color of the filling matches the color of the existing teeth.

Stress resistance

The procedure of tooth-colored filling through our oral specialist at the dental clinic in Hinjewadi will resist stress like natural teeth but this is not a long-term solution. You have no option but to replace the filling in case it faces damage or becomes loose or erased.

In such circumstances, you can contact our cavity-filling specialist.

Other reason

You may also require a composite filling if your teeth are worn out because of bruxism.


The cost for the cavity filling in Hinjewadi will depend on the impact of the tooth. Our dental specialist will make a tooth analysis and then decide on the cost.